Wooden masks worn during ritualstic folk dances and operas. Now mostly produced for home decorations and for export. Masks are associated with exorcism which are performed as dances. All masks are associated with ledgends and depict humans, demons and animals such as birds or snakes. Some masks patterns are a combination of various types such as snake and a demon or a bird and a demon.
A private mask centre Ariyapala Mask Museum is an establish mask craft center and sales outlet. 
Buddhist Temples

There are several Buddhist temples situated around Madampe lake some dating back to the first kingdom of Sri Lanka, Anuradhapura era.

Thalwatta Totagamuwa Temple
Off the Thalwatta junction on the galle road is the oldest and most partronaged temple in the area. Four pillar inscripted with the names of their donars are believed to be belonging to 9th or 10th century AD. There are evidence of patronage to the temple by several kings of various kingdoms. The temple also has played a very important role in the Sinhalese literature, the most famous monk being Ven. Sri Rahula of the 15the century. There are two image houses in the temple both of which have inner and outer chambers. The recent one is built around early 19th century.

Negrodharma Temple, Wellaboda.
The temple library is known for its collection of ancient ola manuscripts of varios subjects. The paintings of the image house are believed to be 200 yers old.

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