Eco Tourism

Travelling with responsibility, without harming the sustainability of the destinations and it’s inhabitants but at the same time enjoying the visit. It is about being a environmentally friendly and conservation conscious traveller.

World’s resources are dwindling and being polluted by the minute beyond recovery. Eco tourism had made it possible to meet the challenge of transporting millions of tourists to their destinations while maintaining the pleasure without harming the existence of the destinations. Sri Lanka is in the forefront of this endeavour.

Sri Lanka is an ideal destination of eco tourism with a wealth of activities for the whole family. From nature trails, hiking, cycling, bird watching, photography or wild life safaris are just the beginning of the list. You could also visit a tropical forest, relax in the beach or hike to natural forest reserves. No part of the country is just a step away from eco friendly activities .

There are many travel companies offering eco tourist activities for varying budgets.

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