Water Sports

Sri Lanka’s natural water sports assets include over 1600 km. of golden sand beaches surrounded by sparkling blue Indian Ocean surf, numerous bays, lagoons, offshore islands, river-mouths, beautiful underwater coral reefs and many submerged shipwrecks, some centuries old. Over a hundred water bodies ranging from rivers, natural and irrigation lakes offer marvellous scope for aquasports, supplemented by well-developed and professional water sports facilities and infrastructure.

As windy and turbulent as the waves may get, sea water temperatures remain at a pleasant 27 degrees all through the year. Bordering these tropical shores are prime water sports resorts, located all along the south and west coast, both north of Colombo and towards the deep south. And everywhere you go, there are exciting prospects for scuba diving and snorkelling, as well as for wind surfing, water-skiing, surfing, sailing, speedboat, banana boat, jet scooter and tube rides where a sparkling surf beckons. Boat cruises on rivers and lagoons promise adventure as well as interesting glimpses of river-bank and wetland vegetation and wildlife, rural settlements and activities such as toddy (coconut sap) tapping, coir (coconut fibre) processing and coconut and rubber plantation life. It just doesn’t get better than this.

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