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The traditional warmth and unassuming demeanour of the Sri Lankan people have been instrumental over the years in luring visitors to our native shores. Few can resist the open
smiles and careless generosity of a people who will go out of their way to please a stranger. Combine this with the aesthetic architecture, tasteful interior décor and impeccable landscaping of some of the finest hotels in the world, and the Sri Lankan experience lends itself to some of the infinite magic of Paradise.

Sri Lankan hotels come in a wide choice to meet the most diverse of tastes and preferences, always adhering to the strictest international quality standards and codes. While accommodation options include five star high-rise hotels which simply engulf travellers into their warm luxury, there are charming alternatives ranging from smaller luxury hotels, British colonial period bungalows that retain the heritage accents of a forgotten era, club hotels and cottage complexes. Nature enthusiasts… marvel at the rustic wilderness that surrounds safari and eco-lodges away from beaten tracks, or relax in the calm and tranquillity of converted manor houses and theme resorts set in sprawling landscaped gardens. Choose from a multitude of magical landscapes ranging from the sunny beaches and inviting waves of the coast, the misty mountain panoramas of the hill country and the archaeological wonders of the ruined ancient cities… where time has stood still. Time will indeed stand still in your holiday of tropical enchantment, where delightful experiences of serendipity can surprise you at any moment.

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