Explore a profusion of caves from varying geological periods, utilised over the ages for diverse purposes, now existing as ancient relics of a legendary past. Enjoy the stark beauty of the Precambrian stalactitic and stalagmitic caverns at Wavulpane, now habouring an ecological curiosity of a huge bat colony. Journey back in time in the Belilena caves with astonishing 32,000-year old fossils, or in the huge Pahiangla cave of primeval man. Let the haunting power of legendary myths unfold in the Ravana cave near the Ella Gap, where the beautiful Indian princess Sita of the Ramayana epic, was imprisoned. And finally, visit one of the numerous rock temples around the island, which have been in use since pre-Christian times; where the age-old lure of wisdom and legend beckons, interspersed with fascinating adventure and exploration for all who answer the call.

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