fauna – Fish

More than 50 species of fish are found in rivers, reservoirs and marshes. The 14 endemic species are found in the rivers and streams of the wet zone. These include prized aquarium varieties like the red scissortail barb and the ornate paradise fish. In addition to these, there are a great many tropical seafish in the waters around the island, some sporting the most amazing colours, while others are more introvert like the amazing stone fish.

Sri Lanka’s reefs are said to support more species of coral than even the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. However, as the corals have suffered serious decline in recent years, this may not be true for much longer.

By Faucon (Own work, own fish) [CC BY-SA 2.5 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5)], via Wikimedia Commons

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