Floodplain National Park

The Floodplain National Park is located in the Polonnaruwa district and is mainly due to the elephant as a corridor between the Wasgamuwa and the Somawathiya National Park.

Through the Flood Plains flows the largest river of Sri Lanka, the Mahaweli river.This river offers through its water has a very rich soil, which is used by numerous animal species as a food source.In the rainy season often vast areas are flooded, having a green oasis result in the Trockzeit. One can find numerous swamps and meadows, tree crops, however, are quite rare.

It is believed that in this area about 100 wild elephants exist. Unfortunately, we find that elephant on the adjacent mountains of garbage in search of food.

In addition to the elephants are, inter alia, found:

  •  Water Buffalo
  •  Deer and other wildlife
  •  jackals
  •  Wind pigs
  •  A variety of birds and reptiles
  •  crocodiles
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