Flower Watching

Rich and diverse natural vegetation resources promise fine fare for botanists, naturalists and flower enthusiasts. Over 3350 species of flowering plants, 23% endemic, among them over 500 species of medicinal herbs and 170 species of orchids have been catalogued in Sri Lanka. The best sites for botanical pursuits are the Sinharaja Forest Reserve of 11,800 hectares, Sri Lanka’s last viable virgin rainforest and a UNESCO World Heritage site, Knuckles Nature Reserve, Horton Plains National Park (both montane cloudforests), Udawattekele Sanctuary and the Muturajawela tropical wetlands. In addition excellent collections of tropical and sub-tropical flora, including orchids, spices and medicinal herbs, can be seen in untamed profusion at the many idyllic botanical gardens, bordered by smooth green lawns and hillocks. The peak flowering season is March through May but many species bloom colourfully all through the year.

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