Mountain Biking

Think rugged mountainous regions, characterised by steep gradients, deep ravines and precipitous slopes. Think sheer breathtaking views, and harsh stinging winds. Think mountain climbing on the steep slopes of the Sri Lankan highlands, a thrilling pleasure zone for professional and amateur mountain bikers.

While the ominously named Devil’s Stairway is a classic challenge (it is also a motor reliability trial site) for the experienced, many winding downhill unfrequented tea and rubber plantation byroads are a perfect starting point for others.

And when the thrills of land-based adventure lose their lustre, try the ultimate free-falling glory with the stunning paragliding opportunities available at Ella, in the steep south-eastern slopes of the Makaldeniya Range. Gliders take off from a high ridge and land at Wellawaya 8 km. away, a plunging descent of around 900 m… which never fails to terrify and amaze.

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