Sri Lanka National Cycle Route

Established with the assistance of the USAID the 240kM Sri Lanka national cycle runs southwards starting near Colombo. The cycle route avoids busy trunk roads passing tranquil villages, paddy fields and plantations and an excellent way to experience the true village life of the Sri Lankans.

Experience Sri Lanka on this way-marked cycle trail and see the “real” Sri Lanka-diverse landscapes rich in nature, multi cultural traditions and village living.

The terrain runs the length of the southwest coast, famous for its wide sandy beaches. It extends 240km on quite interior dirt tracks from Wadduwa to Kogggala and has been divided into 8 sections between 20km to 30km each, representing two hours of relaxed cycling though varied terrain.

Shady rubber estates marshlands teeming with water birds and other wildlife, some of Asia’s finest gardens and beautiful temples await. Circular rides have been designed to make all this accessible to more adventurous guests staying at hotels in that area wanting to spend the day in a stunning countryside.

This southern costal cycle route is 240 km in length and is bounded by Wadduwa, a city about 20 km (?) south of Colombo and extends to Koggala just beyond Galle, with detains into the interior foothills of Sri Lanka.

This trail is divided into eight segments, which are about 20km to 30km each of two hours unhurried cycling through the real Sri Lanka of prime beach, coconut, rubber and tea plantations, village living and a rich of fauna, flora, and cultural heritage.

This dry zone trail is a 150km long ride into the part and covers the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka with its remains of glorious and adventured, ancient civilisations, temples, masterpiece of inhale art, and irrigation systems, national parks and the excitement of encounters with elephants, leopards, bears and crocodiles.

This 200 km trail is dotted with muddy, gemstone pits and mining methods as old as the time of Kind Solomon. Rivers, waterfalls, tea country and a Rain Forest are the absorbing of this cycle route radiation from the City of Gems.

300 km of emerald tea estates, sweet air, cool misty mountains and wilderness areas are indeed a mountain bikers dreams come true.

Bikers will have the opportunity to observe the production of high quality first hand, Ceylon teas. From the harvesting of the two leaves and a bud by mostly Tamil women Tea Pluckers, the production process in a tea factory, set in some of the most scenic mountainous island, is the big highlight of the Hill Country cycle trail.

Each of the four National Cycle Trails has been developed for a wide spectrum of tourist on delights, outstanding natural beauty availability of accommodation and all the fun and excitement of beauty. Cyclist-friendly environments and adventure.



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