Angammedilla National Park

The Angammedilla National Park is one of the new national park in Sri Lanka with an area of 7528 hectares.

The vegetation of the Angammedilla National Park is mostly dry with evergreen forests and has been declared on 6 June 2006 as a national park.

Originally Angammedilla was a forest reserve in MinneriyaGirithale Sanctuary.

Centrally located in the National Park is the Parakrama Samudra, a water reserve that serves the animals as a food source. This water reserve consisting of 3 large pools.

The Angammedilla National Park also assures the catchment areas of the Minneriya and Girithale water reserves, water sources in Sudu Kanda (Sinhala for “White Hill”) and habitats and wildlife of the adjacent forests.

A mountain range stretches across the park from Girithale after Minneriya.

In addition to numerous peacocks and elephants can be found, inter alia, Water buffalo, giant squirrels and occasional leopard

The Angammedilla National Park is located 225 km from Colombo, in the Polonnaruwa District.

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