Wich is the Vedic civilization of ancient India. With the fall of the Vedic culture, parts of knowledge have been forgotten – but it could hold thousands of years in family traditions.

Ayurveda is a holistic healing arts, healthy lifestyles in the unity of body, mind and soul with considering he d lead to environmental factors. Ayurveda includes a healthy lifestyle, mental training (meditation), constitution-based diet, cleansing and rejuvenation measures in the form of detox, fasting and massages, and body exercises (eg. As yoga). In the Western world, Ayurveda is often represents only a fashionable spa flavor, Sri Lanka, the traditional teaching is revived and successfully practiced. The number of followers of Ayurvedic teaching increases. In appropriate resort you will find well-trained Ayurvedic physicians and trained therapists who have taken their knowledge, inter alia, an ancient family tradition.

Basis of Ayurveda are the doshas. These are three vital energy, called Vata, Pitta and Kapha, influence the connections between body and mind. They are based on the five elements. Everyone has these three doshas, which is usually one or two doshas dominate. Are the doshas in balance, a person is healthy and feel good, they are not in balance, man sick (physically and / or emotionally) is. Influenced the three life energies among other things, the environment, and by time of day and seasons.

The Vata type is assigned to the elements ether and air. It is the principle of change and lightness. Vata controls the senses and movements. Pitta is the “hot” type that is associated with the elements of fire and water. It controls the power of digestion and metabolism. The third is Kapha dosha type, it consists of the elements of water and earth. The Kapha energy promotes cohesion and resistance of the body.

An Ayurvedic therapy consists of various cleaning treatments, baths, massages, oil and forehead fonts, as well as a form adapted to the constitution, mostly vegetarian diet. Strengthening the applications and food or weaken the doshas. The aim of any ayurvedic treatment is to restore the balance of the doshas or maintain.

Important applications in Ayurveda


Literally translated, means Panchakarma “5 acts”. A cure this kind cleanses and detoxifies the body in five different ways. Depending on the dosha type, there is a cure from inlet (Vashti), discharge (Virechana), therapeutic vomiting (Vamana), therapeutic cleaning the nose (Nasya) or bleeding (Rakta Moskha). There is also an inner preparation (Amapachana), which is accomplished through herbal cures and external preparation (Poorvakarma), for example in the form of massage. After the intensive cleaning of the body is a reconstruction and rejuvenation.

Marma Massage

Marma points are vital points and the center of life. On the body, there are 108 vital points. This massage is the Marma points are massaged and stimulated the internal organs in a positive way. For Marma massage to use together the thumb and finger areas or 4 massaged with a pressure of about 3 to 5 kg, the points on the patient.

The massage also promotes digestion, rejuvenates and promotes sleep and physical strength.

Abhyanga – oil massage

The oiling is usually performed with heated vegetable oils with vegetable powders or pastes barley and chickpea flour. The massage is almost always a synchronous massage, two masseurs perform the massage simultaneously and in sync movement. Abhyanga is the umbrella term for the oiling of the body. Partial massages are Mukabhyanga (facial massage), Udarabhyanga (abdominal massage) and Padbhyanga (foot massage).


Garshan is a massage with silk gloves, which is carried out with much force and thereby stimulates the lymph flow, strengthens the binding encoder and promotes circulation.


In the Shirodhara a steady stream of warm herbal oil, milk or butter milk flows (depending on the type of constitution) from a height of about 10 cm on the forehead. For the autonomic nervous system, the effect of Shirodhara is extremely soothing and is used mainly for chronic headaches, sleep disorders, burn out syndrome, as well as numerous other psychosomatic disorders.

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