The setting: a shady golf course surrounded by swaying trees, a period clubhouse complete with restaurant, bar and well-stocked pro shop in the distance and sloping green lawns stretching out endlessly in front of you. Not exactly the type of atmosphere you would normally associate with Sri Lanka, tropical isle of wild, untamed beauty? Well, think again. 

A legacy from the British colonial period, golfing in Sri Lanka has many nostalgic links to this era. In the old days, wealthy English planters and governors spent their evenings at clubhouses, in an effort to recreate the lifestyle they left behind them. Today, these period relics are put to good use by hordes of tourists and travelling executives enticed by the calm and soothing atmosphere of the golfing terrain, as well as by locals taking a break from the absorbing national pastime of cricket. The Royal Colombo Golf Club is one of the island’s oldest, measuring 5770 yards in length, and has hosted a number of local and regional championship events in the past. However for sheer scenic beauty, visitors journey to the hills where the 18-hole Nuwara Eliya Golf Course lies at a chilling elevation of over 2000m. Laid out by the Gordon Highlanders stationed in Nuwara Eliya in 1889, the course is acknowledged to be one of Asia’s best, irresistibly fringed by forest cover and gifted with a stunning view. The newest addition to Sri Lanka’s golfing assets is the Victoria Golf Course, overlooking the sweeping panorama of the Victoria Reservoir, with only the heavy sounds of rushing water intruding on the silence of a golfing paradise.

Golf there are three 18 hole golf courses in Sri Lanka at present. While three of them are over 100 years old the third is a just a 18 years old. Green fees are among the cheapest any one could imagine.

  • Royal Colombo Golf Club – Situated within city.
  • Victoria International Golf Club and Resort, Kandy – Newest addition
  • Nuwara Eliya Golf Club – Within the city since 1891

Royal Colombo Golf Club – Colombo

The Royal Colombo Golf Club is the oldest in the country. Founded in 1879, it is the 4th oldest Golf Course outside the UK. Today, the club proudly announces a membership of around 3,000 and a history of over 125 years. Ironically, the course is situated in the midst of the busy hub of Colombo.

Yet, it never fails to amaze every golfer with its calm and tranquil surroundings.The lush greens, the tall pines, the I ponds in bloom with water lilies and the landmark Kelani Valley Railway Line that runs across the course all add to its natural beauty. The Royal Colombo Golf club is the ideal course for golfers on business; not to mention the golfer who likes a round or two everyday.


Golf in Sri Lanka, like many other British sports gained popularity on the Galle Face Green. The Colombo Golf Club was formed here and in 1896 moved to its present location which was a model farm originally owned by Sir Charles Henry de Soysa, a Ceylonese philanthropist.

In 1928 the privilege of using the prefix “Royal” was bestowed upon the Club by His Majesty King George V.

  • Holes – 18 holes
  • Length –  6560 Yards Black Tees

The club house is open from 6 AM to 11 PM while the administration office is open from 8 AM to 5 PM.

Contact Details

Royal Colombo Golf Club

223, Model Farm Road

Colombo 08

Voice : +94 1126 95431, 2691401, 2682917, 2674519, 2675952, 7989830-2

Fax : +94 1126 87592

Victoria Golf & Country Resort – Kandy

If one were to describe the Victoria Golf & Country Resort as ‘a naturally therapeutic golfing experience’, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more accurate description.  Set in 517 acres and boasting over 70 species of exotic birds, deer and monkey, the par 73 Championship layout is maintained to the USGA standards. It is simply an award winning 18 hole golf course kept a secret by many a visitor.

Wander down fairways lined by majestic trees absorbing the fragrances of wild flowers set on a backdrop of the magnificent Victoria Reservoir. But don’t let the scenery get the better of you when faced with three of the five par 5 holes over 500 yards long or four of the par 3 holes ranging from the very short but tricky 4th of 116 yards to the challenging 210 yard 12th hole.

Take a break from golf and spend a lazy afternoon in the pool mesmerized by the misty mountain ranges and the sheer tranquillity that will linger on till you return the next time.

Victoria is a haven for the outdoor enthusiast offering a range of activities from Tennis, horse riding and mountain biking on a variety of trails through deep forests around the reservoir or to the summits of surrounding mountain.

Contact Details

Victoria Golf & Country Resort

For accommodation information please call or write to us

Tel:: 081 2 376 376 or 0727 258 730 / 0722 359 521

E-mail:: /

Golf Reservation – Pro Shop

Tel:: 081 2 376 376 / 0722 359 524 | E-mail::


The Nuwara Eliya International Golf Course

In its literal meaning Nuwara Eliya means the ‘City of Light’, Here, at an altitude of 2,070 metres lies the 71 par, 5,520 metre-long course, This course is , reputed to be one of Asia’s finest golf courses. The fairways are long, narrow and bordered by fir trees, dense groves, bunkers and hilly surroundings, The atmosphere allows the player to -drift into another time and playa round at their own pace. Yet. this course demands skilful ‘position play’ and the hilly terrain makes it essential that the players cope with up-hill and down-hill lies. There are also 6 holes where rivers come into play. A challenging course, amidst picture postcard surroundings.
With most of its ground located within the city centre, but well hidden from the busy city, it’s got its own restaurant, and welcomes keen golfers from around the world. Great fairways, bunkers and scenic views. Walking distance from the town center.

Par 71, 18 holes – 6056 yards / 5520 meters.

Contact Details

Nuwara Eliya Golf Club

Nuwara Eliya

Voice : +94 522 222 835, +94 522 224 104,  Fax :    +94 522 234 360


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