Hikkaduwa National Park

The Hikkaduwa National Park is one of 2 marine national park in Sri Lanka.
Drawn he is by lying about 5 m depth shallow fringing reef, which was severely damaged by the tsunami in 2004. Over the years, however, the nature has recovered and now offers dive interested in an imposing sight.

But the Hikkaduwa coral reef also provides a natural protection against corrosion and thus has a very important task in addition as a breakwater.

The water temperature is there all year is between 28 ° and 30 ° C.

This reef extends about 4 km along the coast and there is also seasonally dependent (monsoon) at a depth between 5 and 50 m.

The diversity of corals and the pretty clear view even in the vicinity of the Riff`s entice ever new dives. Allderings should also be pointed out that, unfortunately, often in the form of trophies terminations are used by unreasonable divers who cause great damage.

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